Sunday, February 17, 2013

A is for annuals « An Alphabet of Annuals

A is for annuals « An Alphabet of Annuals: "A year ago I embarked on a project with the photographer Sabina Ruber, whose beautiful photographs you will see in this blog. We decided to grow as many annual flowers as we could from seed in a year. I had never really bothered with annuals before, having filled my garden with easy-going perennials and grasses that did their own thing year after year. It always seemed a hassle to grow things from seed that would only last for a season and then give up the ghost. But gradually my eye began to tune in to the different things you can grow as annuals –  the way you can just slot them in to fill up a patchy looking border, or use them to fill a bare patch of earth with instant colour. They are good for cutting too, so you can fill your house with armfuls of flowers for nothing.


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