Friday, October 10, 2008


Look at the face - it speaks volumes. More than I can.

So you're a federal employee sitting in your cubicle pondering the smoldering ruins of your retirement portfolio when you receive an interdepartmental memo asking you to list your agency's major accomplishments over the past eight years for something the White House is compiling called "The Bush Record."

If you're at the Department of Homeland Security you might think, "Well, there was the time three years ago when we lost an entire American city." No, they don't want to hear about Katrina or the financial meltdown or the two ongoing wars or the mounting deficits or jailing people without trial or the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction or the ... But we stray.

You get to choose among these three themes: "Kept America Safe & Promoted Liberty Abroad," "Lowered Taxes & Reformed Government" and "Stood on Principle/ Tackled Tough Issues / Showed the Way Ahead," not that the White House is trying to influence your thinking at all.

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