Friday, January 11, 2013

Could we acclimatise to the hotter summers to come?

Could we acclimatise to the hotter summers to come?: "Acclimatising to heat is a tough gig. Since 1970, central Australian regions have warmed 1.2ᵒC and as the world continues to get warmer, increasingly common and increasingly intense heat waves will make acclimatising even tougher.

Our physiology is fantastically clever. Humans have managed to successfully inhabit most of the earth’s land surface, from sub-zero zones to the scorching hot. But regardless of environmental temperatures, we homeotherms, or warm-blooded animals, successfully maintain our core temperature within a very narrow range around 36.2ᵒC. When a fever raises our temperature above 38ᵒC, we start to feel unwell and death is likely if core temperature passes 40ᵒC."

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