Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Brisbane 128km weather radar loop and lightning tracker

Brisbane 128km weather radar loop and lightning tracker: "BRISBANE (MT STAPYLTON) RADAR
27.7178°S  153.2400°E  175m AMSL
LocationBrisbane (Mt Stapylton)Radar TypeMeteor 1500 S-band DopplerTypical Availability24 hours
Geographical Situation: The radar is located on an isolated hill about 150m above mean sea level, just east of Beenleigh. This site provides good low-level coverage, ideal for Doppler observations, of the Greater Brisbane area.

The Great Dividing Range to the west and the Lamington Plateau to the south, reduce the radar's view from the south through to the west, affecting its ability to detect weak rainfall from low clouds beyond these obstructions."

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